Shallymhiz Twerks Inside Swimming Pool, Says 'My Backside Can Make People Speak In Tongues'

Shallymhiz, Nigerian Instagram twerker and actress has come again with her twerking skills.

Shallymhiz took to swimming to exhibit her twerking skills as she twerks so well inside a swimming pool.

But what got Nigerians talking was the caption she gave to the hot video of her twerking inside pool.

She said her bum can make people speak in tongues. Imagine that!

Shallymhiz wrote:

"Never knew my ass could make people speak in tongues😂😂😂Come join me if only you can swim, if you hating my dear I see you drowning 🤣🤣🤣 "

Watch the video of Shallymhiz twerking in the pool with her butt that can 'make people speak in tongues'...

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