Sexual Consent: Even If She Allows You Do This At The Club & Says No When You Get Home, No Is No!

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What does sexual consent mean to you?

Some Nigerians have been arguing on sexual consent 'No is No' on Twitter for over one week now. This discussion arose over series of rape cases and rape accusations.

Then this young man, Folarin @FoluShaw shared a video of a lady rocking a man seductively at the club while the man touched her anyhow.

He shared the video and wrote:

"Even if she lets you do this at the club and she says no when yall get home.

No is No...okay?

This consent matter must enter una head."

Watch the video below and see some of the replies he got.

See reactions.....

What do you think about the video Vis-à-vis sexual consent ?

See more reactions....

What do you understand about sexual consent?

If she says 'No!!' Leave her.

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