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I'm Fat, I Have Cellulite And Folds, Big Tummy And Stretch Marks - Monalisa Stephen, Nigerian Fat (Plus-Sized) Model

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Monalisa stephen is a Plus-Sized Nigerian model and Nollywood actress who is from Abia State.

Monalisa Stephen was born in March 13, 1992.

She celebrated her 24th birthday in March 13 2016. So she will be 27 years in March 2019.

Monalisa Stephen participated in Big Broda Lagos 2018 created by Broda Shaggi

Promoting body positivity, Monalisa Stephen writes:

"I use to cry and feel so bad when I'm called Fat. But I took this word, embrace it ,love it and right now I'm not scared to admit who I'm...I'm Fat. F A fatttttttttttttt, cellulite and folds kinda fat 😌Big Tummy and stretch marks kinda Fat❤️ the my Fat body can't properly fit into my bathtub kinda Fat❤️ That's me, I'm not Thin , I'm not Slim, I am Fat. So it's very okay to call me Fat❤️go ahead, Don't be shy 😌 I won't bite You.❤️❤️❤️Don't Sugarcoat it by calling it Plus Size or Curvy or full figured or Big .lol...yeah it's okay you can say all that if it makes you feel good about yourself..No Problem. But truth is Fat is Fat !!!! And it's not an Insult!!"

I Used To Feel Depressed About My Big Boobs – Monalisa Stephen Tells The Sun Inside Nollywood

“I used to feel bad and depressed about my big boobs, but that’s way behind me now. I just smile and wave it off. So, sometime ago, a lady sent me a message on Facebook that her brother based abroad wanted to marry me, but I declined. She was so persistent and it was getting on my nerves. I told her I can’t marry someone I don’t know, and that we should give it time. But she didn’t agree.

“Then, she started writing hateful comments on my pictures (on Facebook) but I would delete them and ignore her. I eventually deleted that account because fraudsters were using my pictures to scam people. But I was surprised to see her come for me on my new account. I didn’t know she still hated me.”

On why she keeps rejecting eligible suitors even at 26, Monalisa said she is not ready to settle down yet.

 “I’m not ready for marriage. Marriage is a big thing that we shouldn’t rush into. Marriage is beautiful but it’s not an achievement, so I’m not thinking about it for now. I don’t know when I will be ready,” she asserted.

Bikini photos of Monalisa Stephen

Reactions of fans to her saying she prefers being called fat...

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