Meet The Sweet Girls Association: All You Need To Know About Them (Photos)

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Meet the Sweet Girls Association (Of Nigeria)

'Sweet Boys' started trending a while ago and now we have the 'Sweet Girls'. brings to you some things to know about the Sweet Girls Association:

Their Instagram account is: Sweetgirlsassociation_sga

The Sweet Girls Association Description:

- Women supporting women.
- Bringing lifestyle pictures/videos, tips and tricks.
-Helping our selves with relationships/marital problems. Just send a dm, we will post anonymously and get peoples opinions.
-SGA Event and get together .
-Frequent cash giveaway, offers and job advert.
-Exclusive Informations and viral content.
-Shoutout to the sweet girls all over the world.
-Promoting sweet girls business and encouraging one another.
-Celebrating members birthdays.

Code of Conduct .

1. No Negativity

2. Loyalty to association of  sga must be 100 %

3. You shall represent at all time especially in the way you dress and also address people.

4. Always be real and truthful.

5.You must be sweet at all time ,smart and intelligent.

6. You shall aspire to be the best in your field.

7. You shall love one another.

8.You shall not be fraudulent or corrupt in your ways .

9. You shall not dominate one another.

10. Respect one another.

Meanwhile, the Sweet Girls Association asked this question:

'What's the number one reason why women don't support each other?'

See responses in screenshots below:

What do you think about the question?

Photos of some 'sweet girls'.


Unknown said… the last gurl is not sweet, she is bitter ugly damsel
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