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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Ebonylips And Husband Reveal Why Their Marriage Has Lasted For 17 Years

London-based Nigerian vlogger and sx therapist, Shade Davies 'Ebonylips' who has been with her white husband for 17 years has revealed why her relationship has worked.

"Our sx life is amazing, we run around in the house as if we were children, babe what makes our relationship work?" She asked her husband

The husband reacted:

He said 'good sx life.' She then went on to ask him of her best sx position. The husband revealed.

" Even though we've been together for so long our sx life is still so amazing 😉 we run 🏃 after each other at home 🏡 like kids, he's my best friend, since some people have been married they don't even play with each other anymore, when was the last time you both tickle each other in bed or play pillow-fight, some of you are just so very boring, there's more to life and learn to have fun and enjoy 😊 each other company, some of you all you do is to fight each other almost every day. When you play together and do things together your love ❤️ will never die, learn to appreciate each other and have fun don't be so boring, love ❤️ my real fans to the moon 🌙 and back, to all the people looking for husband or wife God will usually give you your own soulmate in Jesus name (amen) #ebonylips #love #soulmate #bestfriend #MyHusband"

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