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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Amara Maduka Biography, Age, Sex Toy, Nollywood Actress, Bio, Wiki

Amara Maduka Biography, Age, Nollywood Actress, Bio, Wiki, Birthday *Who Is Amara Maduka? *Meet Nollywood Actress Who Is Dating Herself And Uses Sex Toy To Satisfy Herself. 

Plus-Sized actress, Amara Maduka, is already making impacts in the Nigerian movie industry since she started 6 years ago.

Amara Maduka is from Anambra State, from a family of three. She's the first daughter and second child. She's a Nollywood actress, writer and producer.

Amara Maduka has featured in a good number of movies, such as Maduka Daughters, Village Flavour, Okirika, The Israelite, Good Marriage, and Three Bad Girls, to mention a few. Her latest work is 'Ordinary Couple' with Martinz Jr. Studios.

On the challenges she faced at the early stage of her acting, Amara Maduka told The Sun:

"My weight was a big challenge. I was very fat at the time and I didn’t get featured in roles I knew I could deliver, because all the producers saw was a fat, ugly girl. Not my talent."

On her best moment as an actress, she said:

"When someone hooked me up on Facebook, asked for my account details and sent me money from London, for making him and his family laugh."

I'm Mot dating, I Use Sex Toy To Give Myself The Best - Actress Amara Maduka Tells The Sun

“I wouldn’t say I’m single. I’m simply self-dating. I take myself out, buy myself good stuff, spoil myself and, of course, give myself the best orgasm. Yes, I use sex toys. They save lives. You should try it. They are so loyal to you. They don’t give you drama. You don’t share them with others. They don’t cheat too!

“They are the best. I don’t worry I would get addicted to them because personally nothing has control over me. I can dump it in a heartbeat if I want to. I use it; it doesn’t use me. I can do without sex. Good sex is great but then, e no be food. When the time comes to dump them, I know how to go about it,” she squealed.

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