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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Primary School Drama About 'Girls And Their Love For Money'

A Primary School Drama Sparks Outrage As Nigerians Criticize It, Slams Their Teachers For Teaching The Pupils Such

Here is a viral drama by primary schoolgirl and schoolboy that has got tongues wagging.

The theme of the drama is what many are against. The controversial drama has the following themes:
1. Girls, women, ladies love for money
2. No money, No love
3. Kis.sing

In the dramatic video acted in school, the girl was standing in anger, obviously she wanted money but when the boy brought out money, the girls countenance changed, she became happy and excited!! Went to the boy and started showing him love.

She sat on the Boy's lap and attempted to the boy who was obviously angry as the boy pushed her away.

The acting has got Nigerians blaming their teachers for teaching them such thing at such young age.
But few hailed the kids for their acting prowess and some felt there is nothing wrong with the drama.

Watch the video

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