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Saturday, 13 April 2019

Secondary School Students Dance In Class In South Africa

Here is a trending video of a secondary school female student dancing in classroom with her classmate.

The student totally took control of her male classmate and danced on him.

While dancing on her male classmate inside the class, their other classmates hailed and clapped for them.

Where could she have learnt such dancing skills? Where were their teachers?

Watch below and see reactions after the cut...

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  1. I love how people started blaming the internet, and social media like kids have always been sweet and innocent before they had internet access. That’s not only about the internet but about families and the way they take care of their kids. When I go to the internet, I go there to use assignment help online, watch some movies and sometimes it’s porn. Come on; everyone waits for it! But, it doesn’t mean I’ll go to my uni and start dancing like that with my groupmate, because I know that’s a shame. Hello, parents, look after your kids and discuss stuff with them/


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