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Saturday, 2 March 2019

Igbo Man In Lagos Threatens Killings, War. Gets Blasted

An Igbo man who is also an IPOB member is currently trending and under fire over his trending video where he spoke tough.

In the currently trending video, the man threatened killings, used harsh words.

He said:

"I will use every power to make sure you die, we will use you to set example. We will do it and nothing go happen. This Yoruba idiot, it is too much. Lagos is not anybody's property. Anybody that has land there is a landlord. If you think you are going to loot people's shops and do those rubbish, go and ask people in Kano what we do them in Kano......."

He went on and on. Watch the video and see all.

Kayode Ogundamisi shared the video and wrote:

" @jimiagbaje please find a way of speaking to your allies. The election of a Governor in Lagos should not be a do or die affair." 

Some have called for the arrest of the Igbo man over his hate speech, especially now that Lagos Governorship election is around the corner.


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