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Saturday, 15 December 2018

#MarketMarchYaba: Amaka Sandra, Feminists, "Stop Touching Us" Campaigners Harassed At Yaba Market

#MarketMarchYaba: A group of beautiful young ladies stormed Yaba market to create awareness and promote "Stop Touching Us" "Don't touch us, you don't own our bodies, stop harassing us" campaign against sexual assault and harassment.

But the ladies were Harassed, embarrassed and insulted by some guys there. They called them names such as 'ashawo' 'lesbians' 'prostitutes'.

One one the "Stop Touching Us" campaigners, Chi @amaka_sandra1 narrated their bad experience at the Yaba market doing their campaign outing.

Read the story as narrated by Amaka Sandra who is a Production Manager & a feminist. 

"An interesting day today guys. I was at the #MarketMarchYaba and just because we said "stop touching us", they booed us, called us prostitutes, lesbians and jobless people. They also threw pure water at us, one landed right on my chest. A guy even touched me TWICE!!!

Nothing to see here at all, just being called ashawo . I love it when men try to prove they are not trash by you know being TRASH. #MarketMarchYaba

I forgot this part. "How dare you say no to harassment? Holy Ghooooost fire"

They said a lot of things I've seen here from "educated men". 

If you don't want us touch you dress well.
Who are you that we shouldn't touch you.
If you don't want us to touch you don't come here.
You should be fighting for more important things (this made me laugh)..

You go marry yourself?
You sef don't touch us (street whataboutism)
You no dey fuck? 
I get your type for house
You no even fine. 

"Ashawo, they no dey work"

Another "Stop Touching Us" campaigner, Moromoke @mo_romoke recounts their ordeal too. She wrote:

"#MarketMarchYaba was a success! The reaction was unexpected for me. Like the Yaba boys threw water and stones at us, it was as if we unleashed the beast in them and today I saw the physical demonstration of mysogyny, they got aggressive and resorted to physical abuse."

Another campaigner, Lisa @LisaOnyimonyi said:

" And what we've learned today from this march is:
1. Those men feel entitled to touch a woman.
2. They won't take responsibility for their actions.
3. They hate women. Clearly.
4. They're angry women are finally speaking up against the harassment.

See photos from the #MarketMarchYaba and watch videos.

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