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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Ann Njemanze Biography, Age, Children, Husband, Divorce, Accident, Marriage, Tinsel Actress

Anne Njemanze Biography, Age, Children, Husband, Divorce, Accident, Marriage, Tinsel Actress

Anne Njemanze was a big star in Nollywood in the 1990s. She came into prominence after featuring in the 1995 blockbuster, "Rattle Snake" as 'Amara'.

She went ahead to feature in 'Domitilla' in 1996 which made her a household name. She is stuck with the name 'Domitilla' till date. Then came 'True Confession' where she excelled alongside Liz Benson.

The first daughter in a family of six from the royal family of Njemanze of Owerri, Imo State, the foundation for Ann’s future in the movie industry was laid early when, on the prodding of her parents, she dropped her first choice course, law for a diploma in Theatre Arts at the University of Port Harcourt. Soon, she had her first break when she starred in her first movie, entitled: Rattle Snake.

Ann Njemanze is A Visual Art graduate of the University of Lagos. She is also a wonderful painter.

Ann Njemanze had an accident that nearly crippled her and her career.

Her marriage to fellow actor, Segun Arinze was talk of the town then. The marriage produced only a daughter before Ann walked out of the marriage.

Not long after her marriage to actor, Segun Arinze crashed, she was involved in an accident in Calabar, Cross River State. That incident almost killed the Owerri , Imo State-born actress' career. For 2 years, she remained on crutches.
She still carries the scar from that accident on her chin.


Ann Njemanze remarried in November 2013 She got married to a younger lover Silver Ojieson. She was 5 years older than her ex husband.

The Domitilla star, Anne Njemanze's marriage to younger lover, Silver Ojieson, crumbled barely eight months after the union was contracted.

Reports showed that after the couple contracted their marriage in November 2013, they barely lived in happiness till July 2014 when they called it quits with each other and the hubby allegedly moved out of the house.

A report on Stella Dimoko Korkus blog pointed out that the marriage crashed as a result of domestic violence, abuse and battery.

The blog's report further alleged that the couple had always engaged in violent fights that once led to the dislocation of the actress' shoulder.


Here is a throwback interview Ann Njemanze did with Vanguard about her accident years ago.

What happened? 

It was a motor accident.

Were you driving?

I wasn't driving. But somebody was driving. We were returning from a location.

Were you sleeping when it happened?

Yes, I was asleep when it happened. I woke up in the hospital.

How did you feel when you eventually woke up to find yourself in a strange environment?

I was unconscious. Suddenly, I just realised there were pains all over my body.

I also suffered temporary loss of memory. May be, I  would say the only part I enjoyed very well was having to forget too many things on my mind. I don't break my head over those things anymore.

And I don't make excuses anymore for those things. It has happened… it has happened.

Then, it was a feeling of not knowing where I was, and why what happened to me happened. Why me and not somebody else? I don't need to recount such experiences again in my life.

And you were confined to your hospital bed for two years?

It was annoying, very irritating. You got annoyed with everybody around you. It was as if the whole world was passing you by, and you were just there watching, helplessly.

I am one person who does not ask people to assist me in anything I want to do. So, when I found myself in that situation, it was frustrating. I hate to relieve memories of that sad experience.

After the accident, some parts of your body, especially your legs were affected, permanently. Do you still dance and rock like before?

I still dance, anyway. And I now have a beautiful K-leg, which is much more defined. It's not as if the K-leg was not there in the beginning. And they don't stop me from putting on skimpy things, or tight clothes. But I want to also point out here that, that part of my life is dead forever.

After two painful years, you bounced!

Yes, I went back to school to continue from where I stopped.

At that trial period, according to your narration, when the world seemed to have come to a halt, did you ever contemplate suicide?

I had few of my friends who were around me. And my family too. One thing I really appreciated was the fact that they didn't allow me to talk too much. I needed a quiet life then and I did a lot of thinking. So, many things were passing through my mind.

But prayers from well -wishers was a of sort therapy for me.

Did you feel abandoned, especially by your male lovers, admirers or even husband?

How? I told you that my friends and my family were there for me. I know I had a boy friend then, who at a point was no longer interested in continuing the relationship. That was it.

A boy friend or your husband?

Boy friend, I said. I think he was no longer interested in being part of my situation then. So, he didn't bother coming to look for me. That was how the relationship ended.

And it didn't hurt ?

I never felt hurt, anyway.

Didn't he send words to you?

No, he never did. And he never visited me while I was in the hospital. But I ran into him shortly after I was discharged from the hospital in Calabar. One cool evening, my friends took me out to a night club, and behold, the bobo was also there. And when he tried to chat me up, one of my friends gave him a hot slap across his face.

Was he that heartless?

I don't want to believe he was heartless. May be, I would regard him as a coward. Some people like him do not know how to handle such situations. So, most times, they tend to chicken out.

Did I hear you say boyfriend?

Yes, boyfriend. I had a boyfriend.

But Segun Arinze wasn't your boyfriend. I wasn't married to Segun at this point in the first place.

You had a baby for him?

Yes. But we were already separated before I had the accident. So, Segun was not in the picture then. I am talking about a boyfriend I had during that trial period who chickened out.

The daughter Ann had with Segun Arinze 

And how many children do you have?

I have more than one child. In fact, I just had my last baby recently. I am not a married woman, but a single mother.

Why do you prefer to have children outside wedlock as a role model?

Do you know the circumstances that surrounded the birth of the children?


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